About Us

Your Recovery Matters

Healing Warehouse Counseling & Therapy LLC is an innovative mental health program in the Globe, AZ, area. It was established to create a safe, clean environment for adults struggling with mental illness and substance use disorder.

Our focus is to empower our patients through counseling and treatment for a successful turnaround. At Healing Warehouse, we believe that everyone is unique and respect diversity. We aim to inspire people to discover their strengths and realize their potential.

Our team of staff of highly skilled specialists, consisting of a physician, psychiatric nurse practitioners, clinical psychologists, counselors, psychiatric registered nurses, case managers, and behavioral health technicians, work together to build a comprehensive treatment plan using evidence-based approaches that address the individual patient's needs while providing the highest quality of patient care.

We remain steadfast in providing compassionate, holistic, and culturally responsive patient care. Together, we can positively impact and bring hope and healing to the communities we serve.

No matter what you’re faced with, we have one goal_ Providing excellent patient care that meets your needs and help you feel your best again.

Your recovery starts here!

Our Commitment
We are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest standard of treatment and care to improve their mental, physical, spiritual, and social health in a caring, respectful, soothing, and friendly environment. We seek to innovate and expand our services to ensure we meet the ever-evolving needs of our patients and strive to serve as a resource and advocate for those we serve.

We Care
* We do not discriminate based on race, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status, or diagnosis.
* We provide counselling that supports and respects the patient's individuality, choices, strengths, and abilities.
* We encourage patients and their representatives to participate in the development of their treatment plan/goals and every aspect of the treatment services offered.
* We uphold a high standard of treatment that puts the patient's rights, health, and well-being at the uppermost priority.

Meet Our Team
Meet our team of experienced and passionate professionals! Our team comprises skilled clinicians and other professionals dedicated to helping you achieve long-lasting recovery through holistic approaches and best practices for mental health and addiction treatment.

We Provide a Caring Environment to Begin Your Recovery Journey
The Healing Warehouse team is committed to your treatment and recovery. We offer a loving and caring environment where people of all backgrounds are welcome. Whatever your mental health challenges, be encouraged that there is hope. We invite you to start your journey to recovery here at Healing Warehouse.